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Daniel Llewellyn, O.D.


Dr. Daniel Llewellyn is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Broward County, Florida, where he received his Doctorate in Optometry. In college, Dr. Llewellyn majored in Chemistry, History, and Visual Science and was awarded a BS in each discipline. Dr. Llewellyn befriended someone in the optical industry when coaching baseball during college. He went to work for them and fell in love with the Eye Care industry.

Dr. Llewellyn specializes in Sports Vision, Dry Eye, Scleral Lens insertion, and Aviation Vision. He has been in practice for 19 years and is a member of the AOA and FOA. He prefers that his patients call him Dr. Dan.

Dr. Dan once had a patient come in asking about the effects of smoking marijuana and the eyes. When Dr. Dan told him it lowers the pressure in the eyes, the patient slouched back in the chair and said, "Wow Doc, my pressure must be zero!"

Dr. Llewellyn grew up in Queens, NY, where he played HS, College, and Semi-professional Baseball. Currently, he plays ice hockey twice a week, works out 3 times a week, and enjoys a good round of golf. Dr. Dan is also a poker player and was in the World Series of Poker 2 times. He is the President of the BNI Rainmakers and he owns several racehorses. Dr. Dan lives with his beautiful wife and 2 wonderful teenage boys. He puts tremendous value in his relationships with his family and friends and it's evident in both his quality of care and bedside manner.