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Center for Visual Performance & Development

Spectacles Dr Dan's Family Eye Care offers sports vision training to athletes. We can help to improve your ability to perform in your given sport through our training program. Our physician-led training will ensure you are receiving the best visual system training available. We are proud to offer our patients Neurotracker and Senaptic, the latest in advanced technology used in the field of high performance vision training.

“We Create a Stronger, Faster, More Focused and Efficient Athlete…
Making Better Game Decisions!”

– Dr Dan

What is High Performance Vision Training?

By using state of the art Visual-Cognitive-Motor techniques we strengthen the neurological connections between the visual system, the brain and the body. Where the eyes lead, the body will follow. High Performance Vision training results in improved dynamic balance, faster visual processing, quicker decision making and reaction speeds, improved eye-hand-foot coordination and heightened depth perception. Along with attention and working memory which are critical skills impacting our ability to learn. We provide a competitive edge by creating a faster, stronger, more focused and efficient athlete!

Who should utilize High Performance Vision training?

Our programs focus on athletes. However, High Performance training is for everyone. This higher order training is also tremendously effective for law enforcement, military personnel, students, concussion patients, recovering brain injury patients and senior citizens. Anyone who wants to improve their attention and concentration, eye-hand-foot coordination, peripheral awareness, reaction speed and decision making will benefit from high performance vision training.

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The iGym

The Center for Visual Performance & Development is a unique, cutting edge visual training facility which utilizes the iGym to train athletes with the most technologically advanced instruments and techniques on the market. At the iGym we use Visual-Cognitive integration techniques, functional movement training and an at-home visual device training protocol to give our athletes that competitive edge. An athlete’s ability to see, think and react quickly can make all the difference between winning and losing!

High-Performance Sports Vision Can Improve:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Depth perception
  • Eye tracking ability
  • Multiple object tracking
  • Perceptual-cognitive abilities
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Field and court awareness
  • Reaction time
  • Near-far quickness
  • Perception span
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Balance

How will this training make me a better player?

  • Make better decisions under pressure
  • Anticipate actions earlier with more accuracy
  • Stay sharp throughout a long season
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Improves sustained concentration
  • Improves mental focus
  • Elevates visual processing speeds

This is a mentally vigorous program that:

  1. Helps you make better decisions on the field!
  2. Awareness depends on multiple-object tracking… We perfect that!
  3. Players must use attention to maintain awareness… We provide that!
  4. A lapse in attention means loss of awareness!
  5. We test and train awareness and focus thru multiple object tracking!
  6. We overload athletes by asking them to mentally focus at high speeds… repeatedly!
  7. We build up visual tools for maintaining awareness and attention especially in the highest pressure game situations, like end of game, sudden death or playoffs!
  8. We help athletes process visual information more efficiently, which makes athletes say the game ‘slows down’… giving them more time to make quality decisions!
  9. Athletes who utilize our training notice results most on the playing field!
  10. Our athletes experience rapid gains early on with followed by slow, steady growth!

The eye doctor and opticians also offer Sports & Specialty Eyewear Fittings at our Sunrise Florida optical.